Dragonfly Children’s Creative Dance

Creative dance is an expressive and vigorous art form! Dragonfly classes are developmentally focused and aimed at helping your child expand her/his creativity and dance with freedom and joy. Classes explore the dancer’s body moving through space, our relationship to time, and how much or little energy it takes to move and groove. We dance with props, use varying music, read stories, and even create art projects from time to time. Dragonfly uses modern dance technique as a foundation to support creative adventures.


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Preschool Creative Dance (mini session)

Ages 3-5

Jump, hop, and skip in this developmentally inspired class for young children.  Create, play, and dance as children move body parts, move across space, move to music, move to tell stories, and move just for fun!  We hope to see your preschooler here!

Parents/care-givers are welcome to dance with us for the first class and are invited on the last class.


$65/6 Weeks   ($55 Early Bird Registration)

Wednesdays 4:15-5:00 PM

Session 1:

September 13 – October 18


Session 2:

October 25 – December 6 (No class Thanksgiving week, November 22)



K-2nd grades

Ages 5-8

Mondays 4:15-5:10

Exhale after school! Wiggle your elbows, stretch your legs, and spin with your nose. Roll on the floor in a new way, swing your body through the space, leap high in the air. Explore movement concepts while building dance skills and developing creativity. Creative dance is an art form that everyone can enjoy!

Parents/care-givers are invited on the last day of class.


$160/12 Weeks     ($140 Early Bird – Register by August 31)

September 11 – December 4 (no class Thanksgiving week, November 20)


3rd-5th grades

Ages 9-11

Mondays 5:15-6:15

Ready for a creative challenge? Get those gears churning because this class is full of discovery! Dancers will explore movement concepts and create their own dance compositions. All while building modern dance technique to support creativity. When inspiration strikes…be ready!

Parents/care-givers are invited to a showing on the last day of class.


$160/12 Weeks    ($140 Early Bird – Register by August 31)

September 11 – December 4 (no classes Thanksgiving week, November 20)


Teen Modern Dance & Choreography

Ages 12 & up

Wednesdays 5:00-6:15

This is a class for the dancer who loves to move!  Build technique, explore movement possibilities, discover your artistic voice.  Practice nuances of performing while developing sensitivities of dancing with a group.  This class will learn choreography and create choreography.  Come ready to work and PLAY!


$185/12 Weeks     ($165 Early Bird – Register by August 31)

September 3 – December 6 (no classes Thanksgiving week, November 22)


Fall Sessions:
September 13 – October 18, 4:15-5pm (Preschool)
October 25 – December 6, 4:15-5pm (Preschool)
September 11 – December 4, 4:15-5pm (K-2nd grades)
September 11 – December 4, 5:15-6:15pm (3rd-5th grades)
September 3 – December 6, 5:00-6:15pm (Middle School)

Classes are held at New Expressive Works, 810 SE Belmont, Portland OR 97214
(Entrance is the South side door of the WYSE Building.)

Come Dance with Us!